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Miss Jack_Jacky B. fine art photographer


Jackie B...

To me, life as a pictorialist, means making storytelling artwork. I have a strong need to creating an image that is telling a story. For me, that's the intellectual challenge to all my work. Such a story can be very broad for me; from historical subjects to the 'talk of the day'.


Looking for what I really wanted in life, I ' auf wiedersehn-goodbyed' my corporate background in 2009. From that moment I have been meaning to find a challenge in photography.

Since then, not only companies have approached me for commercial photography, but my work has also appeared in magazines and I have had the opportunity to photograph various artists, politicians and members of the Royal House.

My interest shifted more and more to art-related portraits and still lifes, which I am now working on full-time, in addition to motherhood.  

I have experienced that taste in art is very personal, emotional and mood swing dependent.  I will be happy to advise you on the final touch of an artwork. If you are residing in the Netherlands I will personally deliver your artwork.

An impression of my work (method):


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