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'Hollandse Nieuwe'

Een veelbesproken en uitgelichte fotoserie over inclusie, cultureel erfgoed en schoonheid.

MISSJACK Jackie B fine art photographer

Jackie B

is a Dutch-based contemporary artist with a love for fine-art photography. Her photo art often shows portrait work and where possible with a story or theme.


A work must be beautiful. But beautiful alone is not enough. Miss Jack seeks conceptual challenge in all her portraits. Her style is characterized by her variation; from rich in color and detail, to abstract black and white.  ​


Her photo shoots are thoroughly prepared and after the recordings there are still days of digital image editing. When a work is digitally completed, the search for a suitable finish begins. The choice of paper and type of frame is just as important to Miss Jack as the preliminary stage.

Hollandse Nieuwe_Chinese in Volendam


Experiencing art is seeing, feeling, imagining and  something else for everyone.

Long live the queen Sheba
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