A beautiful combination of cultural heritage carried out by international models residing in the Netherlands.


The Sunday hat from Huizen is perhaps the most beautiful of all regional costumes. The hat was only worn in the church. At confession day, girls chose whether they would wear an ear-iron hat or a cornet hat, which applied for the rest of their church lives. 


Putting on a Sunday hat always required some extra pair of hands. A complex hat fits a complex suit. The kimono is worn by an authentic Japanese, living in the Netherlands. The attire is made of pure silk and has a value of at least 40.000 euros. Putting it on is a ritual of around three hours.


Disclaimer: This portrait was made with a nod to “ The Milkmaid” by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, who’se paintings are highly appreciated among the Japanese.


Hollandse nieuwe: Japanse vrouw in Huizen

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